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Calling all business consultants, marketing maestros, and sales & marketing pros! The journey to exceptional Small Business solutions and unprecedented business growth starts with Genesis Business Solutions. Elevate your consultancy to new heights as you serve your clients with the best-in-class solutions, all while scaling your own success.


For Business consultants, Marketing agencies, and other sales & marketing pros seeking the best Small Business solutions to serve their clients better and scale their own business at the same time.

  • Earn 20-30% commission on app sales for the lifetime of your client.
  • Expand your service offerings to drive additional revenue
  • Gain exposure to Genesis by customers that need your services
  • White-label Genesis platform that you can customize for you and your clients.

Why Choose Genesis?

1. Unlock Lucrative Opportunities:

Reap the rewards of your efforts with a remarkable 20-30% commission on app sales, lasting a lifetime. As you empower your clients with Genesis solutions, watch your income soar. It's not just business; it's a lucrative partnership that keeps giving.

2. Diversify and Multiply Your Revenue Streams:

Transform your consultancy into a powerhouse by expanding your service offerings. With Genesis by your side, discover new revenue streams that amplify your business's potential for growth. It's time to diversify, innovate, and thrive.

3. Expose Your Expertise to a Wider Audience:

Position yourself in the spotlight! Gain exposure to the expansive Genesis customer base actively seeking your services. It's more than a partnership; it's a strategic alliance that propels your expertise into the limelight.

4. Customizable White-Label Platform:

Make Genesis your own with our white-label platform. Tailor the platform to reflect your brand identity and extend the same customization to your clients. It's not just a tool; it's your personalized solution for unmatched client satisfaction.


How to Spark Your Consultancy's Transformation:

  1. Join the Genesis Consultant Network: Dive into a network that's designed to elevate your consultancy. Become a Genesis Certified Consultant and unlock a world of opportunities to revolutionize your client offerings.

  2. Maximize Commission Potential: As a Genesis Certified Consultant, your success is our priority. Learn how to maximize your commission potential, ensuring you earn what you deserve for bringing unparalleled solutions to your clients.

  3. Access Exclusive Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of resources that catapult your consultancy to new heights. From marketing materials to expert support, we provide everything you need to succeed.

Ready to Transform Your Consultancy?

The Genesis Certified Consultant program is your gateway to success. Join today, and let's embark on a journey that transforms your consultancy into a thriving powerhouse.

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