Multi Vendor eCommerce Plugin


Expand offerings, foster collaboration, and boost revenue with Genesis Multi-Vendor eCommerce Plugin.


Empower Shoppers with Real-Time Order Tracking for a Seamless Delivery Experience

Empower Your Online Marketplace: Elevate your eCommerce platform with our Multi-Vendor Plugin, allowing seamless collaboration between multiple sellers, expanded product offerings, and enhanced revenue potential for your business.

Plugin Features:

•   Customizable Data Dashboards

Design and personalize data dashboards to visualize your website's key metrics, providing a real-time snapshot of your performance.


•   Advanced Reporting and Visualization

Generate comprehensive reports and interactive visualizations, helping you uncover trends, patterns, and insights from your website data.


•   Conversion Tracking and Funnel Analysis

Track user journeys, analyze conversion funnels, and pinpoint bottlenecks in your sales or lead generation process for improved ROI.


•   User Behavior Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of visitor behavior with heatmaps, session recordings, and user flow analysis, enabling you to optimize the user experience.


•   Integrations and Data Sources

Seamlessly connect to various data sources, including Google Analytics and third-party tools, to consolidate data for a holistic view of your online performance and marketing efforts.


Note: Prerequisite: Frontend Manager Dashboard Plugin

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