Genesis Business Solutions Paid Internship Programme 2023

By: Genesis Business Solutions Solutions

January 19, 2023

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Genesis internship program will allow you to get involved in real projects specifically matched to your abilities. You’ll receive regular evaluation based on structured Key Performance Indicator from your mentor and direct supervisor, and you’ll find out what the tech industry is like, from the inside.

A Genesis Business Solutions paid internship program allows you to: 

Genesis Business Solutions Paid Internship Programme 2022


  • Build a valuable network and develop a portfolio within the tech industry.
  • Discover your essential skills and potential job areas and fields of specialization.
  • Gain global exposure to the tech industry,
  • Work on projects that are based on a real business and have an impact on the community.
  • Put into practice all the theories and concepts you have learned from school.
  • Secure an offer to join Genesis Business Solutions when you graduate on a full-time basis.


Genesis Business Solutions Paid Internship Programme 2022


  1. Ambitious students to help us tackle the tech challenge.
  2. Currently enrolled student who will complete at least one more semester of education following your internship. A letter of recommendation from your school is required.
  3. There are certain skill roles and qualities you’ll need if you’re going to succeed at Genesis. You should enjoy being challenged so that you welcome the opportunity to be innovative instead of being overwhelmed and daunted if a task seems impossible.
  4. You must be good at absorbing information, analyzing problems, making smart decisions, and coming up with creative ideas. You should have the confidence, resilience, and drive to successfully complete a project.
  5. You must have the flexibility to work well as part of a team and the credibility to influence others.
  6. We are looking for applicants in the Business and Marketing related fields and Information Technology.

Genesis determines your role based on your skills. So, you will not be required to apply for a specific internship position.


  1. Genesis Paid Internship program is a 6months,200 hours program. You are given an allowance based on the prevailing mandatory rate in your country and area multiplied by the agreed time per day rendered.
  2. Minimum of 6hours a day (Monday – Friday), 2 slots per day (7 am to12nn) or (2 pm to 7 pm)
  3. Applicants outside Singapore are 100% virtual.
  4. We follow Singapore time working hours, so we prefer applicants within Southeast Asia only.
  5. First Batch of the internship Program starts on March 6 until September 8, 2023 Deadline of Application is February 15, 2023, Second Batch is June 5 until December 4, 2023, Deadline of Application is May 15, 2023. We have 12 slot available for each batch.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Please prepare the following:

Cover letter – Your self-introduction, tell us more about yourself, we want to know you.

Your Resume – Were you able to post a tiktok video? How about a youtube video? Do you write a blog? – Yes, you can include that, not everyone can do that.

Short Video (around 60-90 seconds) Tell us about your vision in life (it doesn’t have to be just a career vision) Do you want to build a family?  When? how do you picture it? Do you want to advance your career, describe how do you want to see yourself in the future?

  1. Upload your video via Vimeo, YouTube or google drive, please get the link of your video, and insert it in your cover letter. (We just need the link, please make sure they are not in private, and they are visible for us to not send us a video)
  2. Upload your application file here: Please make sure you are on the internship program page.


We will reply to the qualified candidates within 3 working days for a call interview upon receipt of the application letter.



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