Business as usual during covid-19 and beyond

By: Genesis Business Solutions Solutions

December 6, 2021

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How Genesis Business Solutions evolved and adapted to the changes brought about by Covid-19.


Deflation. Economic downturn. Unemployment. System failures. These are a few words that resonated among several businesses in Singapore that were caught off-guard at the height of the spread of COVID-19. This sent shockwaves not only across business sectors and commercial industries but also across all of the citizens’ daily, private lives. When the virus was first recorded in January, the initial impacts of the pandemic greatly affected the country—despite its model preparedness and efficiency in curbing its spread.


Just like the rest of the world, companies had no choice but to overhaul their systems and business strategies. As borders closed, Singapore’s primarily logistics and the trade-reliant economy hit a huge stumbling block. Soon, “work from home” became the norm as face-to-face gatherings were close to impossible, and contingencies had to be reinforced to keep profits and operations afloat. Post lockdown and travel restrictions, Singapore sees a positive rebound, but with looming uncertainty about the pandemic’s long-term effects and inevitable changes.


Adapting to change

One of the companies that continued its operations usually did pre-COVID, save for tighter health and safety implementations, is Genesis Business Solutions. Since its inception, the company has been providing AI and automation solutions to its clients and brands, making it well-prepared for the pandemic like no other. With its goal of customising ways to help companies become more efficient through technology and innovations, Genesis did not find it hard to adapt to change. Adaptability is its main advantage.

With SMEs needing quick and effective solutions to overcome the economic repercussions of the pandemic, Genesis provided solutions through eCommerce and online delivery platformslearning management systems, and re-skilling. SME industries in healthcare, education, and logistics highly benefited from these software, which helped them sustain their businesses and maintain relevance while others struggled.


Flexible Solutions

As the demand increased for business owners to overhaul their systems, Genesis rose to the occasion by developing Software as a service (SaaS), with feature enhancements that enabled them to manage their operations seamlessly. What makes Genesis Software as a service ( SaaS) different is that it is offered on a modular basis at affordable subscriptions with maximum benefits. The essential software as a service (SaaS) developed by Genesis have enabled companies to scale up and free themselves from complicated systems without needing to reinvent their coding and programs.


Innovation from within

Genesis grew from hard-earned lessons, and experiences learned during the pandemic. After losing a valuable outsourced client and reducing travel between its Manila operations office and Singapore headquarters, the company relied on its flexibility and agility to bounce back fast. “As a leader, I consider our vision the driving force that kept us from moving forward,” Genesis Business Solutions founder Hershey Morgan said. “We have clarity on where we’re going, and with our faith, teamwork, and innovative mind, we were able to do what it takes to get there.”

While Genesis advocates automation and AI as important and enabling tools for companies, its main priority is skilled talents—real people that make the company work. From within its operations, Genesis applies both a practical and ethical approach. The team undergoes a unique training program that equips them with valuable skill sets wherever they go. And this proved as an advantage during the pandemic. Opposite from several companies that had to retrench workers, Genesis was able to increase operations and hiring.

“In an uncertain period, our team has the sense of ownership and camaraderie that helped us achieve our goals every day,” Morgan continued. “We are proud of what we do.”


The future and the new normal

To succeed, Genesis considers both its innovations and customers as equal in priority. The company continues to build itself on consistent system development, research, personal approach to customer service, and skills improvement among its team. “We celebrate small and big victories,” Morgan added, “Regardless of scale, of failures or achievements, my team and I keep grounded and always strive to think outside of the box.”

As for the future, Genesis is going beyond the pandemic and its main base Singapore. Morgan confirmed that the company is working on taking the big step towards getting publicly listed by 2022.

“We will continue to develop an ecosystem of products that create value to the community, company, and country,” Morgan explained. “I will continue to empower, connect, and support my employees, customers and create more business and communities that continue to grow and succeed with our help—during the pandemic and beyond.”


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