Installing the Facebook Pixel on Your Site

By: Second Admin

April 29, 2022


Last Updated / Reviewed: Jan 21st, 2022
Execution Time: ~5-10 minutes

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Goal: To add the Facebook pixel to your site.

Ideal Outcome: The Facebook pixel is properly installed without any technical issues.

Prerequisites or requirements: You can only do this once you have installed Google Tag Manager on your site. You should have also already set up a Facebook Ads Account using Business Manager (SOP 010).

Why this is important: Facebook Pixel is essential if you want to use Facebook advertising. With this pixel, you can create remarketing audiences and set up conversions for your campaigns

Note:  If you are using Shopify do not follow this SOP, but instead follow SOP 068 – How to add a Facebook Pixel to a Shopify Store.

Where this is done: In Google Tag Manager and your Facebook Ads manager.

When this is done: Only once—the first time you install the Facebook pixel.

Who does this: The person responsible for website management, analytics, or paid advertising.

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