How to Optimize WordPress to Speed Up your Website

By: Hershey Morgan

December 2, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: April 1st, 2021
Execution Time: 1-2h


Goal: Optimize your current WordPress setup and content for faster page load times.

Ideal Outcome: Your users experience faster page load times and your server resources are more efficiently used, while your website still looks exactly the same to the end-user.

Prerequisites or Requirements: This exact process only applies to WordPress.org sites.

Why this is important: As page load time goes from one second to five seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 90%. Without requiring a server upgrade, you can optimize your WordPress website so that it loads faster, therefore retaining more of your users.

Where this is done: On your WordPress Admin Panel, on Pingdom.com, on Google Chrome.

When this is done: Whenever there are pages that can still be further optimized. Whenever your page load times are too high.

Who does this: The person responsible for Website Management, or a Web Developer.

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