How to Map Your Sales Funnel

By: Norge Bondoc

December 21, 2021


Course Overview
Updated: August 20th, 2020
Execution Time: ~30 min


Goal: To have a visual representation of how your funnel works.

Ideal Outcome: Your visual representation of your sales funnel is easily understood by anyone and you’re able to share it with other people in your organization.

Prerequisites or requirements: You need a Google Account.

Why this is important: It’s important to have a clear overview of how your business is currently generating clients in order to then assess where you might be losing customers, and how you could improve and make them better.

Where this is done: In Google Drawings (optionally Google Analytics as well)

When this is done: This template should be kept up to date with your current funnel.

Who does this: The person responsible for marketing.

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