How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Website

By: Hershey Morgan

December 2, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: July 12th, 2021
Execution Time: 30min – 1 hour


Goal: To successfully adopt a WordPress backup solution that allows you to always have a backup on hand and recover your website from it.

Ideal Outcome: Your WordPress website creates periodic backups of your website to cloud services, and you can restore it using these files.

Prerequisites or Requirements: This SOP only works for WordPress websites.

Why this is important: There are multiple reasons why you might want to always have a backup of your website. Severe issues can arise either through a mistake by your web hosting company, a faulty plugin or theme, a corrupted upgrade, having your server compromised, among others. Having a solution that allows you to get up and running in less than an hour is vital.

Where this is done: In your WordPress Admin panel.

When this is done: A backup solution should be installed as soon as possible. Restoring from a backup should only be seen as a last resort as the process may cause data loss itself.

Who does this: The person responsible for website maintenance or server management.

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