Getting Started With Team Password Management

By: Hershey Morgan

December 2, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: April 1st, 2020
Execution Time: 40 minutes – 1 hour

Goal: To have an effective and reliable tool for managing and sharing secure passwords for your entire team.

Ideal Outcome: Your business activity will be easier to manage since you will be able to create different passwords for various accounts and manage them from the same place. Also, you will be more effectively protected against hacking.

Pre-requisites or requirements:

  • N/A

Why this is important: Many people tend to use the same password for all their accounts and, usually, it is something very easy to remember. In other words, you are using insecure passwords which could mean loads of trouble in the future. It is important to have a way of managing these passwords and sharing them with your team members while staying safe from external threats.

Where this is done: LastPass & 3rd party apps (accounts you are signed up to).

When this is done: Once, for your existing accounts and every time you sign up on a new account.

Who does this: You do it. Nobody else can do it for you.

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