How To Get Traffic From Quora

By: Norge Bondoc

December 21, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: April 1st, 2020
Execution Time: 5-10 hours per week


Goal: Directing traffic to your website using Quora.

Ideal Outcome: You’ll draw consistent qualified traffic, leads, and email subscribers to your website and business from Quora.

Prerequisites or requirements: Patience, a knack for writing and helping people, and, yes, a Quora account.

Why this is important: Quora is where the smart kids go – some ask questions, others answer them. Using the right words on this playground can help you attract more website traffic, as well as generate more leads.

Where this is done: In your browser, on your Quora account.

When this is done: When you want to drive more traffic and leads to your website – or, in other words, anytime and all the time.

Who does this: You, your copywriter, a VA, or a combination of these.

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