Creating and managing a Google My Business Organization

By: Hershey Morgan

December 2, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: May 12th, 2021
Execution Time: ~10-20 minutes

Goal: Create a Google My Business organization account for your agency.

Ideal Outcome: You’re able to easily manage access to all of your clients’ Google My Business listings through a centralized account.

Prerequisites or Requirements: N/A.

Why this is important: Agencies that work on Local SEO for clients, typically need to access dozens of different Google My Business accounts. Moreover, each of these businesses is typically managed by different team members. An organization account simplifies the process of managing access to clients’ Google My Business accounts for your agency and team.

Where this is done: In a Google My Business Organization account.

When this is done: The creation of the organization will only happen once. However, you’ll typically follow specific processes described in this SOP to request access to new Google My Business accounts, as well as to manage access to those accounts for your employees.

Who does this: The agency owner or manager.

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