Create a Facebook Ads account using Business Manager

By: Second Admin

April 29, 2022


Last Updated / Reviewed: July 25th, 2021
Execution Time: 10-15 minutes

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Goal: To create a Business Manager account and Facebook Ad Account for your business.

Ideal Outcome: You will have a Business Manager account ready to manage all your Facebook Assets and share them with your employees securely. You will have created your Facebook Ad Account and set your Payment Method.

Prerequisites or requirements: You will need a personal Facebook account.

Why this is important: Facebook’s Business Manager allows you to easily manage multiple pages and ad accounts, while also being able to safely assign roles to your employees or contractors. Your Facebook Ad account will allow you to set up your first campaigns promoting yourself to the 2.85 billion active Facebook users worldwide in 2021.

Where this is done: In Facebook’s Business Manager.

When this is done: The first time you are creating a Business Manager account.

Who does this: The business owner or the person responsible for paid advertising on his behalf

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