Add Social Sharing Links To Your Site

By: Norge Bondoc

December 21, 2021


Course Overview
Last Updated / Reviewed: April 1st, 2020
Execution Time: ~ 10-15 minutes


Goal: To have social sharing links displayed on your website.

Ideal Outcome: Your website visitors will be able to easily share your content on their social channels.

Pre-requisites or requirements:

  • You need to have Sumo installed on your website. If you don’t have it, check this SOP to learn how to do it.

Why this is important: Social sharing links help you engage your users and encourage them to easily share your content. It is important to have them configured for both desktop and mobile devices and to enable users to access them easily.

Where this is done: Sumo & WordPress.

When this is done: Once, for your actual website and, in the future, every time you create a new site.

Who does this: You, or the person responsible for website management.

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