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Learning Management System-Genesis Business Solutions

Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin

Launch superior Learning experience capabilities that are built to grow with you. Create digital courses,...
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Frontend Dashboard Plugin-Genesis Business Solutions

Frontend Manager Dashboard

You can manage your website and shop directly from an easy-to-use, clean, and mobile-friendly front-end...
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E Gift Card-Genesis Business Solutions

eGift Card Integration

Get more customers to purchase from your store. The E-gift cards feature allows non-targeted customers...
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Blogging Tools-Genesis Business Solutions

Blogging Tool

Launch and manage your blog post directly from an easy-to-use, clean, mobile-friendly front-end dashboard without...
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Invoice Management Integration-Genesis Business Solutions

Invoice Management Integration

Optimize your efficiency and accuracy and enhance visibility with the accelerated Invoice and Billing processing...
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Track And Tracing Plugin-Genesis Business Solutions

Delivery Tracking for eCommerce

Allow your customers to be updated with their order status. Delivery and Tracking for eCommerce...
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Directories Plugin-Genesis Business Solutions

Directory Plugin

Build a community with a robust, feature-rich business directory platform in your WordPress website. Help...
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Booking & Reservation Plugin-Genesis Business Solutions

Booking and Appointments

Add your schedule of availability for a flexible calendar view. Then, allow your customer to...
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Ecommerce Integration Plugin-Genesis Business Solutions

eCommerce Plugin

Access your woo-commerce store in an easy-to-use frontend dashboard without using the WordPress interface. Manage...
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