How to integrate webmail to outlook

By: Genesis Business Solutions Solutions

November 11, 2022

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Access your domain webmail account easily by integrating it to your outlook account. You can receive and send emails from your domain webmail via your microsoft outlook  email account. Here is the easy instructions to integrate domain webmail to gmail.


  1. Open your outlook software on a laptop or desktop: Click File on the top left

    Screenshot 12-Genesis Business Solutions

  2. Click Add Account

    Screenshot 13-Genesis Business Solutions

  3. Input your webmail address and click connect button

    Screenshot 14-Genesis Business Solutions

  4. Select IMAP settings

    Screenshot 15-Genesis Business Solutions

  5. Use your SSL/TLS settings. You can see your setting on your webmail account

    Copy and paste the incoming and outgoing mail server

    Screenshot 16-Genesis Business Solutions
    Screenshot 17-Genesis Business Solutions

  6. Input the incoming and outgoing mail server

    Incoming mail server:

    Incoming port: 993

    Encryption method: SSL/TLS

    Outgoing mail server:
    Outgoing port: 465
    Encryption method: SSL/TLS

    Screenshot 18-Genesis Business Solutions

  7. Click next button

  8. Input your webmail password and click connect button

    Screenshot 19-Genesis Business Solutions

  9. It will successfully connect your webmail and outlook

    Screenshot 20-Genesis Business Solutions

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