How to integrate webmail to Gmail Email Account

By: Genesis Business Solutions Solutions

November 11, 2022

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Access your domain webmail account easily by integrating it to your gmail account. You can receive and send emails from your domain webmail via your google mail account. Here is the easy instructions to integrate domain webmail to gmail.


  1.  log in to your Gmail account

  2.  Go to settings and locate Accounts and ImportScreenshot 1-Genesis Business Solutions

  3. Click Add a mail account

  4. Enter your webmail and click next button

    Screenshot 2-Genesis Business Solutions

  5. Click next button

    Screenshot 3-Genesis Business Solutions

  6. Enter your webmail as username and your webmail password, Click the checkbox “Leave copy…” and “Label incoming message”

    Screenshot 4-Genesis Business Solutions

  7. Click next button

    Screenshot 5-Genesis Business Solutions

  8. Enter your name as from the name address

    Screenshot 6-Genesis Business Solutions

  9. Select port settings as 465 and enter your webmail as username and webmail password

    Screenshot 7-Genesis Business Solutions

  10. Open your webmail and get the verification code and enter the field

    Screenshot 9-Genesis Business SolutionsScreenshot 10-Genesis Business Solutions

  11. Click verify button

  12. After verifying the account it will be successfully connected to your Gmail account and used as from your email address as well.

    Screenshot 11-Genesis Business Solutions



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